A few years ago, I started meditating. I began doing this in search of my personal style in art; intuitively, I understood that it should come from within, rather than being some product of the intellect or a wilful decision. And it was precisely this "within" that I couldn't hear because of the constant noise generated by my mind. It was always rushing somewhere, always passionately desiring something, always dependent on certain opinions and circumstances.
At that time, my only goal was to hear myself, to understand what I really wanted, not what could bring me benefits. I wanted to delve into the far corners of my personality, which perhaps I had not yet explored.
Three of us live in the apartment - me and two cats. My circle of communication is quite limited, and most of the time I spend alone with them. And, willingly or not, after a while you begin to perceive them not just as domestic animals - as part of the interior, but to feel their moods, intentions, desires as a sixth sense. Relationships move to a more subtle level. And with the gradual deepening of the meditation practice, as the mind becomes more liberated from "pollution," the senses become even sharper, and I gradually began to notice that the presence of cats in close proximity during the practice makes me more calm and mindful. It was easier for me to transition to the necessary state with them - and that's when this title was born - "Guides." At that time, I invested in it only the meaning that they helped me in meditation.
But after some time, the Guides acquired another, more extended meaning.
It happened spontaneously - the thought came to me that when I die, my soul will pass into another world, and my cat will probably meet me there. I thought I would like it to be that way. I would like him to act again as my Guide and show me that world. I would like to talk to him, see his smile.
At first, this thought seemed naive to me, but then I tracked the feelings that arose in me, and changed my mind. Suddenly, I realized that I am no longer afraid of death, and all the anxieties associated with it have disappeared. I stopped wanting to leave something behind in this world; I stopped grieving and hiding from myself the thought that I am a temporary guest here, and with all my behavior pretending that I am here forever. It was liberation.
The goal of this photo project is to give the viewer the opportunity to imagine that on the other side, their own Guide is waiting for them, and this meeting will be beautiful.









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